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Long Missing Hitler Family Portraits to Go Up for Auction at Craig Gottlieb Military Antiques

SOLANA BEACH, CA.- Two long missing portraits of Alois and Klara Hitler will soon be put up for auction in Solana Beach, Calif. These original portraits of German Dictator Adolf Hilter’s parents had hung in a former Hitler-owned residence in Bavaria, Germany and have been lost since the end of the Second World War. The portraits, which only recently have been made public, are currently owned by a French family that now lives in Orange, Calif. “These portraits are not rare – they are one of kind. They’re the only two that exist,” said Craig Gottlieb of Craig Gottlieb Military Antiques. “I got a phone call from the family who has owned them since the 1980’s.” Period photographs from the Berghof, one of the Nazi leader’s more well-known residences, show the two portraits hanging in one of Hitler’s rooms. Gottlieb notes that black and white photographs taken of the portraits during the time show gr