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Lombard-Freid Projects Anounces Exhibitions by Dan Perjovschi and Tala Madani

NEW YORK, NY.- Lombard-Freid Projects announced two new exhibitions for 2010. “Postcards from the World”, Dan Perjovchi’s third solo exhibition at Lombard-Freid Projects, establishes a dialogue with an historical piece of his, “Postcards from America” (1994). Known for his insightful social and political commentaries in the form of ephemeral wall drawings in institutions, biennials and galleries worldwide- this, unique installation of drawings will be his first gallery exhibition devoted entirely to works on paper in more than a decade. In each piece, 500 postcard-sized drawing of observations from his travels in the US (1994) and throughout the world (2009)- are sketched with minimalist purity and succeed in being as humorous and satirical