Local Woman Immortalized in Bronze as Folkestone’s Mermaid


FOLKESTONE.- Georgina Baker has been selected as Folkestone’s answer to Copenhagen’s famous “Little Mermaid” statue. Local resident Georgina will strike the distinctive “Mermaid” pose as the model for a life-size bronze statue being cast by celebrated artist Cornelia Parker for the Folkestone Triennial 2011. The selection ends the artist’s public search for a model from the town to become immortalised as “The Folkestone Mermaid”. When the competition process was launched in June, former Turner Prize nominee Cornelia Parker said, “This is not a beauty contest. I am not looking for a look-alike of the idealised Copenhagen Mermaid, but for a real person, a free spirit, so any shape or size welcome!” Local women over the age of 18 were invited to enter by sending in a photograph of themselves in swimwear before a final shortlist of candidates was drawn up from whic