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Lisson Gallery in Milan presents the work of seminal artists John Latham and Lee Ufan

MILAN.- John Latham / Lee Ufan presents the work of these seminal artists, renowned for their conceptual and theoretical rigor. Each in their own unique way, the oeuvres of John Latham (1921-2006) and Lee Ufan (b. 1936) are testimony to a life-long investigation of the universe and the human understanding of its governing rules. The gallery space is dedicated to the presentation of a series of works developed by John Latham over the course of 40 years, which examine the artist’s understanding of the human subject. Latham conceived his work as an articulated and complex system which found visual expression as book reliefs, assemblages, film and performance and theoretical form as conceptual ideas and extensive writings. Taking as its base an interpretation of Quantum Theory, the central objective of Latham’s theoretical enquiry was to overcome the traditional separation between matter and consciousness. He advocated for an all-encompassing system, formulated as ‘Ti