Lichtenstein Painting Originally Purchased for $27.50, Sells for $128,700 at Quinn’s


FALLS CHURCH, VA.- A 1951 painting by Roy Lichtenstein purchased for $27.50 and kept out of the public eye for nearly 50 years sold for $128,700 on Dec. 4 at Quinn’s Auction Galleries in Falls Church, Virginia. Titled The Statesman, the 18 by 28 inch oil-on-canvas portrait was consigned by D.C.-area resident Enid Liess, a retired schoolteacher who, as a young girl had studied at the Art Institute of Chicago. It was there that she learned how to identify quality artworks. Sometime in the early 1960s, Liess attended an art auction at her local temple, where she hoped to find affordable art to decorate her new apartment. When a modern painting of a man in a military jacket caught her eye, Liess decided she had to have it. “It was whimsical, and I loved the earth tones,” Liess recalled. At the time, Liess and her husband were newlyweds with little