Leopold Museum Announces Favorable Conclusion Over Egon Schiele Painting Dispute


VIENNA.- The Leopold Museum Private Foundation announced that negotiations in the case Jenny Steiner / ”Häuser am Meer” have reached a favorable conclusion: Following strenuous efforts, a settlement has been reached with the only granddaughter of Jenny Steiner. The Leopold Museum Private Foundation has pledged to pay Jenny Steiner’s heir the sum of 5 million dollars for her 1/3 share. The Leopold Museum is delighted that this important settlement in the case “Häuser am Meer” could be reached with the sole living heir of Jenny Steiner. Both the Board of Directors of the foundation and the heir’s representative, attorney-at-law Dr. Alfred Noll, call this settlement “a fair and just solution”. Both parties have made concessionsin order to reach this final settlement. Eugenie “Jenny” Steiner, née Pulitzer (*1863 Budapest †1958 New York), was the owner of a sil