Lehmann Maupin Gallery highlights recent photo series by Juergen Teller

artwork: Juergen Teller - "Pettitoe, Suffolk", 2011 / C-print 16 x 20 inches / Edition of 5 - Courtesy the artist and Lehmann Maupin Gallery, New York.

NEW YORK, NY.- Lehmann Maupin Gallery presents Juergen Teller on view 10th February until 17th March, at 201 Chrystie Street in NYC. This exhibition highlights three recent series, demonstrating Teller’s dynamic and diverse oeuvre. Featuring the controversial photographs of Kristen McMenamy, shot in the home of Carlo Mollino and seductive portraits of Vivienne Westwood, juxtaposed with intimate portraits of his family and close friends, this exhibition displays an amalgam of subjects and personalities. Drawing inspiration from the eccentric architect, Teller recalls Mollino’s fascination with the erotic, capturing McMenamy in provocative poses. Although the series garnered controversy for its alleged “pornographic” nature, it demonstrates Teller’s skilled storytelling and fearless approach to his medium.