Legacy: A New Exhibition by Scottish Artist Roderick Buchanan at the Imperial War Museum


LONDON.- Legacy is a new exhibition by Scottish artist Roderick Buchanan which opened at Imperial War Museum London this May. Commissioned by the Museum, Roderick Buchanan’s work is a response to the Troubles in Northern Ireland, their legacy and recent social, political and economic change. The work comprises two highly immersive films, titled Scots Irish / Irish Scots, which follow two Scottish flute bands during 2009/10. Commissioned in England, produced in Scotland and filmed in Northern Ireland, the two films are being shown in the gallery space simultaneously, to give both sides equal levels of representation. They are accompanied by a series of portrait photographs of the bandsmen involved and supported by a book by the artist. The bands central to this artwork are Parkhead Republican Flute Band formed in 1978 and Black Skull Corps of Fife and Drum formed in 1981; two grass root organisations