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Leading Baroque Masters Together at Nationalmuseum in Stockholm

STOCKHOLM.- On Thursday 25 February, the Rubens & van Dyck exhibition opens at Nationalmuseum in Stockholm. From then until May 23rd, visitors will be able to see works by two of the 17th century’s leading painters and some of their disciples. The exhibition brings together works by Peter Paul Rubens and Anthonis van Dyck, two of the leading painters of the 17th-century Baroque, highlighting the relationship between them and their unparalleled influence on Flemish painting in their day. In all, 123 works will be on show – a mix of portraits, landscapes, historic scenes, kitchen still lifes and hunting scenes. Works from Nationalmuseums own fine Flemish art collection will appear alongside works on loan from other museums and collections. Rubens often used mythological and historical motifs. He was inspired by Titian, the Italian Renaissance master, and painted free