Laura Bartlett Gallery presents the work of Nina Beier in the exhibition Shirts vs Skins


LONDON.- Laura Bartlett Gallery announces the exhibition Shirts vs Skins by Nina Beier. Beier’s work is concerned with hierarchies of display and value, content and frame, and the implicit contradictions in process, practice and presentation. Shirts vs Skins is a common form in sport games of denoting team affiliations in the absence of any formal uniform. Beier suggests an antagonism at the core of the relationship between man and creation, and asserts a combative status between surface and subject, image and object. Besides having a number of similarities to a mango, Fruit, (all works 2012), here used as a paperweight, also carries a sticker ensuring freshness. This is the story of the organic object that has beaten the inevitable, and through petrification has risen to the status of permanence. In Fatigues, Beier uses vandal, stain, wear and tear resistant,