Las Vegas’ Neon Boneyard Highlights Glitzy Past


By: Cristina Silva, Associated Press
LAS VEGAS, NV (AP).- The stack of giant neon letters just beyond the gates of the Neon Boneyard in Las Vegas are unlit. Flecks of turquoise, ruby and jade paint chips dot the gravel field. There are rusted metal beams, twisted tubes, cracked light bulbs and 40-feet-tall skeletons plucked from the rubble of imploded casinos. Miles from the blinking marquees of the Las Vegas Strip, this is where neon signs go to die. In a city that hums of impulse and overstimulation, where investors flock to what’s hot and new and visitors empty their wallets at the promise of instant entertainment, the three-acre lot that displays relics from classic Las Vegas buildings offers a rare opportunity for retrospection. Now, after years as a hidden memorial open only to a few, the 15-year-old collection has announced plans to open a fully operating museum in 2011 and an adjacent public park later this month.