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Largest Moon Sculpture on Earth on View at Gasometer in Dusseldorf

DUSSELDORF.- The inside of a 380-foot tall obsolete gas holder, the Gasometer in Oberhausen, is the space for a new exhibit called “Out Of This World – Wonders of The Solar System.” It includes the largest moon sculpture in the world — an 82-foot wide replica of the moon hanging in a cathedral-like space under the holder’s 328-foot roof, as well as replicas of the sun and its planets in a space 223 feet wide. The exhibit explores scientific, cultural and artistic perspectives on the creation and death of our solar system in the vast dimensions of the cosmos. Alighiero Boetti, alias Alighiero e Boetti, was born in 1940 in Torino and died in 1994 in Rome. He was self-taught as an artist and abandoned his studies at the University of Torino in order