Large, Space-filling Installations by Italian Artist Monica Bonvicini Fill Kunsthalle Fridericianum


KASSEL.- Monica Bonvicini is one of the most influential artists of her generation. Her often large-scale installations invite the public to direct participation. Since the mid-1990s she has made videos, sculptures, drawings and text-based works that explore and redefine the notions of space, architecture and power, and deal with political issues often by questioning the very essence of art production. Since the beginning of her career Bonvicini’s works have been distinguished by her sharp wit and directness. In her art, Monica Bonvicini raises issues regarding gender and power relationships in all kinds of contexts. At the centre of her work are architecture and public spaces, the world of labour, sexuality, as well as politics and representation, whose close connections she reveals. Bonvicini investigates the inner logic of public and private spaces, examines the interrelationship between physical and social space, and deconstructs the connection between function, address