Large-Scale Installation by Sol LeWitt at Gladstone Gallery in Brussels


BRUSSELS.- Gladstone Gallery presents an exhibition focused on a large-scale installation by Sol LeWitt that will occupy the two floors of the gallery. Long established as one of the leading figures in the Conceptual Art movement of the 1960s and ‘70s, LeWitt continually offered new ways of expanding the possibilities of the artist’s role within the circulating channels of artistic creation, production and distribution. Through his vast body of works on paper, structures, and wall drawings, LeWitt makes evident the critical importance of methodology as a way of delimiting the field of artistic invention as well as conflating the expressive function of form, content, surface and support into a rationalist ideal. Conceived in 1995, Wall Drawing #792: Black rectangles and squares underscores LeWitt’s early interest in the intersections between art and architecture, which he distinguished and admired as