Lanning Gallery Shows "Gregory Deane: Contemporary Energy" in Sedona, AZ

artwork: Gregory Deane - "Tropic of Zen #2" - Mixed media on canvas -  48" x 48" - Image courtesy of the Lanning Gallery, © the artist.

Sedona, AZ.- Lanning Gallery is pleased to announce a return visit by artist Gregory Deane. The exhibition “Gregory Deane: Contemporary Energy” runs through May 15th opening with an artist’s reception during Sedona’s “1st Friday Gallery Tour” May 6th from 5-8 pm. Deane’s genius is evident in every canvas: these are not simple paintings easily defined, though each can be appreciated simply as a burst of immediate emotional impact or, conversely, as a work to be intellectually investigated. “I want clients to take the works personally,” Deane says. To him, it is the viewer’s response that completes the artistic act of creation.