LACMA to Host Exhibition of Vija Celmins’s Work Created in Los Angeles Between 1964 and 1966


LOS ANGELES, CA.- The Los Angeles County Museum of Art presents Vija Celmins: Television and Disaster 1964-1966, exploring an essential yet often overlooked period of the artist’s work. Throughout much of her career, Vija Celmins has been internationally recognized for her meticulously executed paintings and drawings using a monochrome palette of black and gray, depicting starry night skies, ocean waves, barren desert floors, and fragile spider webs. But the images that first grounded her interest as a young artist in Los Angeles during the early 1960s are characterized by violent themes such as crashing warplanes, smoking handguns, and other images of death and disaster influenced by the violence of the era—the war in Vietnam, social change, political assassinations—and the mass media that represented it: newspapers, magazines, and television. Organized by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and The Menil Collec