La Luz de Jesus Presents 4 Unique Artists in February

artwork: Christine Wu - "Azalea" - Oil on wood panel - 20" x 20" - Courtesy La Luz de Jesus Gallery, Los Angeles. On view in "Christine Wu: Shhh..." from February 3rd until February 26th.

Los Angeles, California.- La Luz de Jesus presents four artist’s shows in february, “Matthew Bone: Paradise Lost”, “Soey Milk: Malus Sieversii”, “Bonni Reid: Cartes De Visite” and “Christine Wu: Shhh…” are all on view from February 3rd through February 26th. An opening reception for all 4 shows will be held on Friday, February 3rd from 8-11 pm. Christine Wu’s “Shhh…” is an exploration on the power of things left unsaid… Wu is a certified practitioner of the arts and general awesome maker. Stylistically, her oil and panel work is multi-layered with  creepy and sexual undertones. She often depicts people in flux and captures the vulnerability of growing up. She is rather fond of making a ruckus.