L-13, London: A Riot in a Jam Jar by James Cauty


LONDON.- It’s the art show that guarantees you will never look at riots, rioters, or jam jars in the same way again… Featuring tiny sculptures in jam jars, A Riot in a Jam Jar depicts either real or imagined violent clashes, past or future, between protestors, innocent bystanders and the UK’s law enforcement authorities. It gets underway Wednesday, 1 June, at The L-13 Light Industrial Workshop in Clerkenwell, London. The works are by the anarchist artist and musician, James Cauty, who gained notoriety for burning a million pounds in cash in 1994 with Bill Drummond, his bandmate in The KLF, one of the most successful groups of the 1990s. The miniature works of art – also known as Small World Re-Enactments – delve into historical fact and future imaginings: from the attack on the car carrying the Prince of Wales by student rioters last winter to the death of newspaper vendor, Ian Tomlinson, at the G20 prote