Kunstverein München Announces First Comprehensive Solo Show by Tobias Madison


MUNICH.- Kunstverein München announced the first comprehensive Solo show of upcoming artist Tobias Madison (*1985, Basel) in Germany. His multidisciplinary working method is inspired by an artistic practice, that explores the borders between form, context and critique. The exhibition at Kunstverein München aims to provide an insight into Madisons eclectic body of work and the diverse processes of production, merging design and lifestyle with artistic identity. „Do it to do it“ takes its reference from a quote by US-American billionaire Donald Trump, which can be seen as an activating key to enter for Madisons dynamic working processes. What makes Madison a crucial player in his generation of visual artists in Switzerland is that he has become the inspirational driver of numerous national and international collaborations that have come out of the artistic position that he embraces. He is co-founder of the ba