Kunsthaus Zürich Receives Collection of Works by Joseph Beuys from Baroness Lucrezia De Domizio Durini


ZURICH.- From 13 May to 14 August the Kunsthaus Zürich is displaying a hitherto unexhibited, comprehensive and multifaceted series of works by the sculptor and action artist Josef Beuys: ‘Difesa della Natura’ (‘Defence of Nature’). The multifaceted series of works s being donated to the Kunsthaus Zürich. The centrepiece of the presentation, which features over 100 objects, photographs, documents, editions and videos, is ‘Olivestone’, a magnificent installation by the German artist that is being shown for the first time in the full context of its creation. For many years Joseph Beuys (1921–1986) made repeated visits to Bolognano, a small mountain village in southern Abruzzo where his friends Baron Buby Durini and his wife Lucrezia De Domizio owned an estate. Beuys’ activities there, undertaken together with the Durinis, soon turned into a series of long-term projects united by a motiva