Kunsthaus Lempertz Offers a Cross-Section of the History of Photography at Auction


COLOGNE.- The Kunsthaus Lempertz Photography Auction, with approximately 200 lots, offers a cross-section through the history of the medium: from the early daguerreotypes and salt-paper prints to classical modern, from the ‘fotoform’ group to contemporary works. One area of interest comes from, amongst others, the photography of the Bauhaus, with names such as Lucia Moholy (Lots 29–33, € 500–2.000), T. Lux Feininger (Lots 27/28, € 600/800) and Umbo (Lots 37–41, € 2.500/3.000) represented. From other protagonists of the 1920s, Albert Renger-Patzsch with plant motifs (Lots 42/43, € 2.200 and 3/4.000) and pictures from his famous series “Töpferhände“ (Lots 44/45, € 2.800) must be mentioned, as well as August Sander who took a portrait of a group of mayors from the Eifel in 1928 (Lot 51, € 3.500). The only known print from Aenne Biermann