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Kunsthaus Bregenz Presents Candice Breitz’s Best Known Video Installations

BREGENZ.- Though Candice Breitz (b. 1972 Johannesburg, South Africa) has focused largely on creating multi-channel video installations since 1999, her approach to the moving image grows out of an earlier body of photographic work, in which she made extensive use of photomontage and cut-and-paste strategies. In composing her multi-channel video installations, Breitz deploys both freshly shot footage and material drawn from familiar films, modifying her source material digitally in the working. Amongst other themes, Breitz’s video oeuvre reflects critically on the narrative structure of Hollywood cinema, the counter-projections of fans and their idols, and the challenges posed to the individual and individuality within contemporary media culture. The Kunsthaus Bregenz presents a selection of Breitz’s best known video