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KUB Arena presents its most recent production "HATE RADIO" at Kunsthaus Bregenz

BREGENZ.- With HATE RADIO, the most recent production of the International Institute of Political Murder, for the first time a theatre project has been invited to the KUB Arena for an extensive presentation. Even before its official premiere at the Hebbel am Ufer (Berlin), in Bregenz preview performances of the play will take place in the original stage design. In addition, by means of the research material displayed and in the context of discussions, lectures, and film-screenings, the institute’s work in general will be introduced. The IIPM was founded in 2007 by Milo Rau with the aim of intensifying and theoretically reflecting on the interchange among theater, fine arts, film, and research in the area of re-enacting (disquieting) historical events. The basis for these attempts at staging incomprehensible moments in history that, properly speaking, cannot be staged, is provided by extensive research in arch