Kodak Donates Colorama Collection to Photo Museum


ROCHESTER, NY.- Eastman Kodak Co. is turning over its archive of panoramic Colorama images to a hometown photography museum in upstate New York where its founder lived. George Eastman House said Friday the collection includes original negatives and prints of all 565 gigantic Coloramas displayed in New York’s Grand Central Terminal from 1950 to 1990. Those backlit transparencies, promoted by Kodak as the “world’s largest photographs,” measured 60 feet long by 18 feet high. New elongated images were installed every three weeks, depicting landscapes, sporting events and family celebrations and vacations. The images “reflected and reinforced American values and aspirations while encouraging picture-taking as an essential aspect of leisure, travel and family,” said Alison Nordstrom, curator of photographs at Eastman House. “The Coloramas taught us not only