Knoedler & Company Presents Exhibition of Paintings by Conrad Marca-Relli


NEW YORK, NY.- Conrad Marca-Relli’s life and career were restlessly peripatetic—he moved back and forth between Europe and the United States, with homes at various times in New York City, East Hampton, Rome, Paris, Ibiza, and Parma—even for a time living on a houseboat on the Seine. In addition, his frequent travels included two trips to Mexico (in 1940 and 1952), where the geometric abstract quality of the white adobe architecture, seen in intensely contrasting light and shadow, proved extremely influential on his cityscapes, as well as his evolving work in collage. As a condition of duality characterized his pattern of residency throughout his life, so too, in his art, Marca- Relli kept a foothold both in abstraction and figuration. He never gave himself over entirely to pure abstraction, but found he was either inclined to abstract a figurative reference or to travel back and forth in