Klemens Gasser and Tanja Grunert Present Artist Grayson Cox’s First Solo Show with the Gallery


NEW YORK, NY.- Klemens Gasser and Tanja Grunert present Grayson Cox’s first solo show with Gasser Grunert, a collection of prints, places, aspirational architectural, and shunted points of purchase, culled and dyed into fabric with bleach, gives voice to the ominous appeal of corporate identity, of forms so singularly generic that they exemplify the disorientation of contemporary moral space. Nudge, Nudge Me Do points to a mass compliance that has transformed our built environment and our mode of navigation within it. On view is an evocation of soft corporate power without concrete intention. In the bleached prints, each image is revealed through a process of removal, looking suspiciously as if it had always waited within the fabric, like an image on a shroud. The resulting images have a sense of being embedded, created inside the fabric as opposed to on top of it. The bleached stains in the fabric pull the archetypal i