Kirkland Museum in Denver Highlights The Modernist Clashes of the 1940’s

artwork: Vance Kirkland - "Floating Abstracts", 1951-54 - Oil on canvas. Collection of the Kirkland Museum in Denver. On view in the museum's exhibition "15 Colorado Artists: Breaking With Tradition" through July 31st.

Denver, CO.- The Kirkland Museum of Fine and Decorative Art in Denver presents “15 Colorado Artists: Breaking With tradition” on view until July 31st. Original artwork of the founding members of this modernist group, some from their first exhibit launched in December of 1948, will be on view. Never-before-seen vintage photos of the artists and reproductions of the newspapers where much of the modernist debate in Denver was hashed out will also be displayed. Those who led the modernist charge in 1948 (and who are featured in the exhibition) include  Don Allen, John Billmyer, Marion Buchan, Mina Conant, Eo Kirchner, Moritz Krieg, Duard Marshall, Louise Ronnebeck, William Sanderson, Paul K. Smith, J. Richard Sorby, Frank Vavra and Vance Kirkland, in whose former home the Kirkland Museum is based. Curators Hugh Grant and Deborah Wadsworth will publish articles in a book that will accompany the exhibition.