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King Tutankhamen Died from Malaria Infection Studies Confirm

National Geographic gave the CT data to a U.S. forensic team, who were to work "blind"—not knowing who the subject was. Their findings validated the French team's conclusions. And their plaster cast (see photo) turned out remarkably similar to the silicon bust created by French experts to create this lifelike bust of young King Tutankhamen.

CHICAGO (REUTERS).- King Tutankhamen, the
teen-aged pharaoh whose Egyptian tomb yielded dazzling treasures, limped around
on tender bones and a club foot and probably died from malaria, researchers said
on Tuesday.
There has been speculation about the fate of the
boy king, who died sometime around 1324 BC probably at age 19, since the 1922
discovery of his intact tomb in Egypt’s Valley of Kings.