Kavachnina Contemporary Presents a Photographic Exhibition

artwork: Estela Garcia - "Pubis Corazón" - Photographic print. Courtesy Kavachnina Contemporary, Miami, © the artist. On view at the Kavachnina Contemporary in "I Was There" until August 1st.

Miami, FL.- “I Was There”, a photographic exhibition by four Spanish artists is currently on view at Kavachnina Contemporary. The photographers, David Palacin, Pepe Moran, Rafaela Rodriguez and Estela Garcia were selected by Salustiano, the curator for this photo exhibition. Salustiano, a Spanish artist known widely by his portraits painted in a technically perfect red which look more like velvet than a canvas, is a master that shows his subjects in enigmatic acts of looking. “I Was There” is on view through  August 1st.