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Kate Gilmore’s Walk the Walk Presented in the Midtown Oasis of Bryant Park

NEW YORK, NY.- For five days this May, Public Art Fund presents a striking new performance‐based artwork in the midtown oasis of Bryant Park. Walk the Walk by artist Kate Gilmore is a dynamic sculptural and performance‐based artwork activated by a group of women’s walking, stomping, shuffling and marching on the roof of an eight‐foot‐high cubic structure. Like typical office workers, the artwork’s participants represent a variety of physical builds and types, all clothed in simple yellow dresses and beige pumps. These women will walk, march and stomp atop the temporary structure from 8:30 am to 6:30 pm for five days straight. Acting out their “work” in an area densely populated by office buildings, Gilmore’s performers transform the workday into a visual spectacle and dissonant symphony. Public Art Fund Director and Chief Curator Nicholas Baume observes: