Karin Weber Gallery in Hong Kong Presents New Works by Yang Shewei

artwork: Yang Shewei - "Red Series No. 6", 2011 - Chinese ink on paper - 65 cm. diameter. Courtesy Karin Weber Gallery © the artist. On view in “"Who Fights Fair? And the Evolution" by Yang Shewei at the Karin Weber Gallery from June 17th through July 12th.

Hong Kong.- The Karin Weber Gallery is pleased to present “Who Fights Fair? And the Evolution” by Yang Shewei from June 17th through July 12th, with an opening reception on Thursday June 16th. We are taught from childhood that it is honorable to fight fair, be it in games, sports, love or business. But life is not fair. Advantage and advancement over others becomes desirable and honor often goes out the window in the daily grind to make it. Amidst the the rapid development in China the vast majority of people deal with these conditions on a daily basis.