Kahmann Gallery Presents "Talents of the Royal College of Art"


AMSTERDAM.- Kahmann Gallery presents “Talents of the Royal College of Art,” which showcases works by five recent graduates of the prestigious London institution’s photography master program. During their studies, the photographers evolved artistically and each have come to exhibit a strong vision, a distinct signature, and a profound depth in their respective works. Beyond their educational credentials, they share little in common, except for a tremendous focus and ambition to create amazing work. Kahmann Gallery is very impressed with their artistic maturity, and decided to exhibit their works in a group show, currently on display through 19th February 2011. With this show we offer a platform for photographers who are at the start of their careers, but whose work is well matched to the quality and talent Kahmann Gallery is known for. Bailes, Goudal, Herman, Harvey-Regan, and Winsor are promising photogra