Jorge Palacios: Sculptures in Dialogue with the City of Toledo and Exhibition at Canal Foundation in Madrid


TOLEDO.- Toledo hosts the exhibition project of Jorge Palacios (Madrid, 1979) “The dialogues of the curve: urban sculptures in the streets of Toledo” conceived as a itinerary through different places representative of the city, including the environment of the Bisagra Gate, the Sun Gate, the Santa Cruz Museum or the Fuensalida Palace. The traveling exhibition of Jorge Palacios “The dialogues of the curve” will stay in Toledo until August. Palacios firmly believes that his work has to start a dialogue with its environment; in fact, for him it is fundamental that the sculptures have a sense, a fundament, a reason to be in a particular place and not another. Something which is at the origin of the line of site specific projects in which it has been working for years. He expects the pieces neither to disrupt nor to