John F. Kennedy Library and Museum Marks 50th Anniversary of JFK Inauguration


BOSTON (AP).- Fifty years later, Richard Donahue still remembers the bitter cold and the crowds at the U.S Capitol stamping their feet to stay warm as they waited for John F. Kennedy to deliver his inaugural address on the day the torch was passed to a new generation. The speech would quickly warm up the partisan crowd, Donahue recalled. Neither he nor anyone there that day could have imagined how ingrained in the American consciousness JFK’s words and phrases would become and how easily they still come to mind a half-century later. “It just gave us a sense that the future is now, you’re a part of it, and away we go,” said Donahue, now 83, a friend of the Kennedy family who earned a prized ticket to the inauguration on Jan. 20, 1961, after