Joel Sternfeld’s Campagna Romana on view for the first time in Germany at the Buchmann Galerie


BERLIN.- The Buchmann Galerie announces the exhibition Campagna Romana by the American photographer Joel Sternfeld (b. 1944). The focus will be the eponymous group of works, which Joel Sternfeld has been working on in the Roman periphery since the early 1990s; it is being shown in Germany for the first time. The works in Campagna Romana frequently allude to the ruins of ancient Roman aqueducts, villas, and tombs. In some cases, the subjects are the same ones that fascinated Claude Lorrain and Nicolas Poussin in the seventeenth century, Piranesi a hundred years later, and Thomas Cole in the nineteenth century. Joel Sternfeld juxtaposes the relics of a powerful civilization of the past with the buildings and debris of our day. He also shows how the ruins of monumental Roman buildings have been assimilated as components of a cultural landscape that has evolved over hundreds of years. Whereas the paintings