Joel Shapiro Creates an Installation of New and Preexisting Works for the Museum Ludwig


COLOGNE.- American sculptor Joel Shapiro (b. 1941) created an installation of new and preexisting works for the Museum Ludwig‘s large sky-lighted gallery, interweaving the pieces into a new structure in the space. He will arrange free-hanging, colored wooden beams according to a sophisticated plan, shaping a new sense for space and the possibilities of sculpture. Shapiro’s works, which freely float from barely visible wires between the ceiling and the floor, appear to move in space and thereby transform the gallery itself into a sculpture as immense as it is airy. The picture varies with each step, as borders, dimensions, and colors change. The artist toys both with perception and the construction of space, while his works are not exclusively tied to this one room. Despite all his connections to modernist and minimalist traditions, he produces surprising (work)-constellations and totally new spatial perceptions. When de