Jill Magid’s Recent Work "Closet Drama" on View at Berkeley Art Museum


BERKELEY, CA.- The University of California, Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive (BAM/PFA) presents Jill Magid: Closet Drama / MATRIX 237. Jill Magid’s work involves infiltrating systems of authority and power to explore issues of vulnerability, observation, and trust. By drawing institutions closer, exploiting their loopholes, seducing their agents, repeating their logic, and pushing the limits of revelation, she has developed a highly conceptual, performance-based practice. Her collaborators include police officers in New York, Liverpool, and Amsterdam, and, most visibly, the Dutch Secret Service. Her work here varies in form—video, photographs, sculptures, installations, printed text, books—yet most have some connection to the documentation of her process. Magid’s more recent work engages the written word and its use as an agent of control, manipulation, and distortion. A Reasonable Man in a