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Jessica Jackson Hutchins “Kitchen Table Allegory” at Derek Eller Gallery

NEW YORK, NY.- Derek Eller Gallery presents a solo exhibition by Jessica Jackson Hutchins entitled “Kitchen Table Allegory”. Using materials such as papier-mâché, glitter, paper pulp, hand-made ceramics, photographs both found and taken, fragments of her family’s clothing, and furniture from her home, Hutchins imparts a mythic yet highly personal story. It is a story that touches on universal themes of frailty and compassion, unicorns and angels, the majesty of mountains and the beauty of nature’s minutiae. At the same time, Hutchins’ story is concerned with existence on a more personal scale: marriage and motherhood, the rituals of daily life, and making art. These abstract narratives within Hutchins’ work are perhaps best exemplified in the show’s title piece, a large wooden dining table, the surface of which shows the residue of colored inks and the gouged-out tracks of a router.