Jean-Marc Bustamante’s ‘Dead Calm’ Exhibition On Display The Fruitmarket Gallery


LONDON.- Jean-Marc Bustamante is one of France’s senior artists and a major figure in the international art world. His clear, direct vision manifests itself in an almost bewildering array of materials and media – first photography, then sculpture, painting, architectural projects, installation. His work is unified and characterised by its calm intelligence and a kind of extraordinary ordinariness that helps us see its subject, the world around us, in a new way. Jean-Marc Bustamante’s ‘Dead Calm’ exhibition is on display until April 4, 2011. Bustamante’s art has not been seen enough in Britain, and The Fruitmarket Gallery brings it to new audiences in Scotland. This exhibition includes classic work from the 1980s and 1990s – the large-scale photographs and sculptures with which Bustamante made his name and newer