Japanese Art Dealers Association Announces Asia Week Exhibitions


NEW YORK, NY.- A robust panorama of traditional Japanese fine arts will be on view at the galleries of six leading dealers this Fall, including rarely seen 12th century Kyozo, or mirrors bearing drawings of gods, imperial screens once part of the furnishings of Edo Castle, and strikingly modern works from the Taisho Period (1912-26). Sebastian Izzard LLC will feature a selection of paintings, woodblock prints, and illustrated books in their annual exhibition of fine ukiyo-e to be held during Asia Week in New York this September. The show will feature a range of images of beauties, actors, landscapes, and bird and flower subjects from the 18th and 19th centuries. Paintings by Edo period masters such as Kaigetsudō Dohan, Tōsendō Rifu, Hosoda Eishi, and Utagawa Toyokuni will be exhibited and will include a rare painting by an amateur artist of the late 18th century, Aoki Masatada, depicting Hanaogi IV, dating from ca. 1794. A fine example of Utamaro’s “The