James Cohan Gallery Presents Catch the Moon in the Water: Emerging Chinese Artists


NEW YORK, NY.- James Cohan Gallery presents the group exhibition, Catch the Moon in the Water: Emerging Chinese Artists, running from June 16 through July 29, 2011. Over the past decade, while the West consumed new art from China, a young generation of Chinese artists imagined America as the center of contemporary art discourse. This exhibition showcases a group of young Chinese artists and their thoughts and responses to America as an exotic and remote source of inspiration. Quoted from Song Dynasty poet Huang Tingjian’s verse, “Seize the flower in the mirror, catch the moon in the water,” the exhibition title refers to the fruitlessness of capturing the moon from its reflection. This idiom takes on special meaning when applied to the West’s preoccupation with certain stereotypes in contemporary Chinese art – images of the Red Guards, Mao Zedong and panda bears – as well as to the fetishized m