James Cohan Gallery in Shanghai Exhibits Taaffe – Tomaselli – & Winters

artwork: Philip Taaffe - "After Alcyonaria I", 2011 - Mixed media on canvas mounted on panel, 78.4 x 103.5 cm. - Photo: Courtesy James Cohan Gallery.

SHANGHAI.-James Cohan Gallery Shanghai presents the exhibition Alchemy & Inquiry with works by three prominent American artists,Philip Taaffe, Fred Tomaselli and Terry Winters. The exhibition was organized by independent curator Raymond Foye and Senior Curator Jennifer McGregor at the Wave Hill botanical garden and cultural center in New York City, where this exhibition first originated and was on view from April to June. Nature and the natural world have long inspired artists in both Western and Eastern cultures. While each of the three artists in this exhibition have their own distinctive and innovative approach to their process and materials, they each share a common interest in producing works that become diverse, visually engaged responses to the ways in which they study nature and observe the changing landscape.