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James Cameron’s “Avatar” Becomes the Highest-Grossing Film Worldwide

The character Neytiri, voiced by Zoe Saldana, right, and the character Jake, voiced by Sam Worthington are shown in a scene from, "Avatar." James Cameron's "Avatar" has shot past "Star Wars" and fast becoming No.1  movie on the all-time domestic box office charts.

LOS ANGELES, CA  – James Cameron’s
science-fiction epic “Avatar”has passed his“Titanic”to become history’s highest-grossing
film, with a sizable boost from higher-priced tickets for 3-D and Imax
. Through Monday its ticket sales around the world
reached $1.86 billion, edging past the $1.84 billion in sales posted by
which came out in December 1997, according to figures
released Tuesday by 20th Century Fox. Fox released “Avatar” around the world; it
split the distribution of “Titanic” with Paramount Pictures.