James A. Michener Art Museum to exhibit "Images of American Life"


artwork: Simka Simkhovitch (1893-1949) - The Prizefighter and His Girl, 1940 - Oil on canvas, H. 34 x W. 40 inches Collection of Lee and Barbara Maimon

DOYLESTOWN, PA – The grittier side of life will be
on display in the upcoming exhibit Painting the People: Images of American Life
from the Maimon Collection, which opens July 11 and runs through October 18,
2009 at the James A. Michener Art Museum.
Regional collectors Barbara
and Lee Maimon have amassed a formidable number of paintings that explore the
uniquely American art forms known as American Scene painting (or Regionalism)
and Social Realism. Organized by the Michener, Painting the People
allows us to view the everyday lives of ordinary people, as seen through the
eyes of artists who looked closely at the reality around them—from mine workers
to burlesque dancers to regular folks worn down by life—and painted what they