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Jakob Kolding’s Stakes is High Opens at Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam

AMSTERDAM.- The exhibition ‘Stakes is High’ by Jakob Kolding is in part the result of a residency by the Danish artist in Amsterdam’s Zuidas quarter, the new financial center of the Netherlands. He is the third artist in this residency project, which has been organised by the SMBA for the past three years in cooperation with the Research Group of Art & Public Space at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie and the Virtual Museum Zuidas. The idealistic background and social implications of post-World War II urban planning and development in Europe have formed an important background for Kolding’s work, who himself grew up in a new residential development near Copenhagen. The discrepancy between planning ideas, realization and subsequent use has been the subject of a continuous investigation in his work as part of a general interest in space and urban space in particular, and so have the discrepancies between individual experiences and general expectations of space, whether these