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J. Paul Getty Museum announces acquisition of rare Francesco Primaticcio bronze

LOS ANGELES, CA.- The J. Paul Getty Museum has acquired a rare bronze female double head attributed to Francesco Primaticcio (Bologna, 1504–Paris, 1570). Created in France in about 1543, Double Head is closely related to the head of the so-called Cesi Juno, one of the most famous antique marble statues in 16th-century Rome, a work that Michelangelo considered the most beautiful object in Rome. Female double heads are unusual both in classical and post-classical sculpture. Though its original purpose is not known, Double Head most likely was conceived as an independent work of art, and is closely related to the series of bronze casts that the French king François I commissioned Primaticcio to make after the most famous antique statues in Rome. Several of those survive at the palace of Fontainebleau outside Paris. Double Head may have been conceived as a homage to the duchesse d’Etampes, François I’s mistress, who w