J Henry Fair: Abstraction of Destruction on View at Gerald Peters Gallery


NEW YORK, NY.- Gerald Peters Gallery presents J Henry Fair: Abstraction of Destruction, an exhibition of roughly thirty c print photographs ranging in size from 50 x 75 to 30 x 45 inches. Each photo, while abstract to the eye contains mysterious hints to the subject matter therein. These forms capture the tradition of painted abstraction reminiscent of the works of Georgia O’Keeffe, Jackson Pollock, Martin, Frankenthaler, Motherwell and Dubuffet. Yet these haunting images are not abstraction at all but actual photographs of industrial scars on our landscape. Fair’s mission is to incite the viewer’s awareness of environmental impacts caused by our consumerism. Rather than illustrating harsh rusting destruction, he captures, mostly from the air (as these sites are restricted) the bizarre beauty of our ubiquitous waste. The paradox established in the indistinct region between abstraction and representation re