IVAM reviews the work of Roberta González on the major retrospective dedicated to the artist


VALENCIA.- The IVAM, which takes an essential part of the legacy of Julio Gonzalez, reviews the work of Roberta González on the major survey exhibition that has been dedicated to the artist. The exhibition ‘Roberta and Julio Gonzalez’, which brings together 108 works, ranging from the first drawings of Roberta reflected in the teachings fathers, until the last frame in which shines her plastic autonomy. Roberta González was born in Paris in 1909, the only daughter of the sculptor Julio González, and she was brought up in a family atmosphere favourable for complete devotion to art, a setting of creative self-sufficiency in which artists such as Picasso, Torres-García and Brancusi were constantly present. She studied at the Académie Colarossi and her early works show the strict influence of her father, with the insistence on observation of reality that marked the development of his own style throughout his life. In 1937, in her fat