IVAM Opens First Exhibition in Europe by Chinese Artist Wang Xieda


VALENCIA.- The exhibition presents for the first time in a European museum this artist’s work brings together 12 sculptures and 14 drawings Xieda Wang’s calligraphy, Chinese artist who combines in his works the influence of calligraphy in the Eastern tradition and contemporary currents of Western art . This is the first exhibition of the Chinese artist Wang Xieda in an European museum. It consists of 14 drawings and 12 sculptures that shows his artistic production. This production allows us to appreciate the expressiveness of the artist who moves away from figurative tradition and from the limits of the traditional artistic structures. His work conceptually goes into new sculptural techniques. Wang Xieda’s work combines classical techniques using ink and paper from the traditional calligraphic arts with an sculptural abstraction reminiscent of western avant-garde. The catalogue published on the occasion of the exhibition shows the exhibited works and publishes texts about the ar