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Internationally-Renowned Sculptor Antony Gormley Showing Two New Works in Leeds

LEEDS.- Harewood is showing two new works by internationally-renowned sculptor Antony Gormley in the Terrace Gallery until the end of October. Earlier this season Harewood focused on Adam, Sir Jacob Epstein’s masterpiece, which stands in the Hall upstairs. Epstein was a key early influence on the development of Gormley’s art. Gormley says: ‘I am delighted to have the opportunity to show two works at Harewood House, which has long been associated with Adam, Epstein’s powerful evocation of masculine yearning carved from a massive block of English alabaster. ‘My material is iron. Smelted and cast, it also engages with the block but uses the language of architecture to interpret the male human body as an unstable space made up of individual cells fused and propped together. ‘The room in which the works are shown is supported by four stone